Friday, June 3, 2011

Domme Sex

One thing that bothers me with some in the hard core kink crowd is their insistence a submissive male never have sex with a dominant female. I've known subs who go soft at even the thought of sex. Where does this attitude come from? Sure a cock can hurt an unwilling pussy, but overall they are pretty safe. I'd argue that a man can do more damage with his teeth during oral sex than he could with his cock during penetrative sex. Yet some men have fantasies of never having sex again, only ever providing oral sex. Is the problem that it happens to feel good for the man? Well too bad; it feels good for women too. If a top wants to have sex, the top gets to have sex. That's how being dominant works. The question often comes up, "is penetration a dominant act?" When the question should be, "how can we make sex more of submissive act for the sub?"

To start, there are several things we can set up before sex. The most common of those is bondage. Tie or otherwise bind your slave to the bed. This usually leaves you on top, which is also a more dominant position. You can easily throw a butt plug into the mix by inserting it before any bondage. Not everything requires bondage though. You can put clamps or clothespins on his nipples or balls. If you're feeling particularly sadistic you can put Bengay on his cock head and carefully cover it with a condom. Just be extra careful not to get any on the outside of the condom; you don't want any of that getting on you!

One fun thing to do is to tie a slip knot or nose on one end of a long rope and attach it to your sub's balls with the rope going in the opposite direction of his cock. Tie the other end of the rope to a door knob or other immobile fixture. Any knot will do for this, but if you know your knots you can use a clove hitch knot to make adjusting the length quicker. You'll want to adjust the length so that your sub, in order to penetrate you, has to pull on his own balls. It might take a couple tries to get right, but it's a lot of fun and worth the effort. You can slowly inch away on the bed to make him yank harder and harder on his own balls. This trick works with just about any position you enjoy.

There are also things you can do during sex. The most common one, perhaps to the point of being cliché, is making him say your name. And while there's always name calling, I prefer to make him call himself names. Make him tell you he's a horny slut or that he's controlled by his cock. You can pinch or squeeze his nipples from a lot of different positions; if he has clamps on you can wiggle or pull at those. If he's into feminization, you can play with his "breasts" like a man might a woman. If you're riding him you can hold him by the throat. And if you're riding him reverse cow girl his balls are open to some CBT fun. You can slap them with your hand, or if you have a crop handy you can smack them with that. If he has clothespins or the like on, you can simply bat at them or pull them off.

I realize I bring this up a lot, but you don't have to let your sub have an orgasm just because you did, or just because you had sex. Denying him after you've finished is also a very dominant act. However, if you do allow him to come, there are things you can do post orgasm as well. For example, you could make him lick his come off -- or out -- of you. Another option is post orgasm torture. The cock becomes sensitive after orgasm, to the point where it's painfully sensitive. Rubbing the head of a man's cock post orgasm can make him jump and squirm like you couldn't imagine. You can really have some fun with this. I recommend adding more lube because it increases the sensitivity and will get you the best reaction, but keep in mind you have to get started quickly as this works better the more erect he is. And yet another option is to have him tell you when he's about to come and ruin his orgasm by pulling away at the last second.


  1. I love this. I absolutely LOVE this. The whole fantasy of never-again-PiV reeks to me of "penetrative sex is rape" attitude and the assumption that any given sexual act can be seen as inherently submissive or dominant. Bollocks, of course. If I want a cock to play with, I'll play with cock, and if I want a cock inside me I'll have one inside me. Cum included if I feel like it. I LIKE cock. I LIKE cum. It doesn't make me feel any less dominant than having somebody's dick between my teeth (which is supposed to be submissive too, right?).

    1. If played right any act can be submissive or dominant. Even so far as making both sides equal. I don't personally see anything wrong with female doms having sex with the It make subs. As long as everyone is bei g consensual.

  2. So I'm into ddlg and I wanted to point something out. While I love being sub and doing as I'm told and punishments and such, I do not like being treated like I'm less then th Dom. As I've been in multiple relationships that have been abusive, I can't handle being treated as less. The reason I'm pointing this out is that while ddlg and beam is about sub and Dom, you have to remember that youfr sub or little or whatever is human. We have feelings and aren't JUST sex toys. We need cuddles and kisses and sweet things too.