Friday, June 10, 2011

Post Orgasm Torture

This is a fun one. To the uninitiated, "post orgasm torture" may summon images of a man being punched in the balls after he's come, but it isn't that at all. In actuality, the things done during post orgasm torture would be very pleasurable pre orgasm. After orgasm a man's cock become very sensitive. More specifically, what becomes sensitive is the glans, aka the cock head. As a woman you've probably experienced this with your clit. Touching it directly after orgasm is just too much. Forcing this sensation on someone is post orgasm torture.

One important thing to know about post orgasm torture is that it causes involuntary motion. Think of being tickled, you can't help but laugh and squirm. In post orgasm torture these reactions manifest themselves in sudden jerks, flailing, and sometimes even convulsions. While sexy as hell for a sadist like myself to behold, they are quite effective at stopping you from playing, and can even be dangerous depending on your distance from said limbs. I recommend you always securely bind your sub beforehand. Not only does make the act more "forced," but it lets you safely go on as long as you'd like without being interrupted. Also, it's sexy to see someone straining against their bondage.

Prolonging the erection is important, as blood will quickly drain from the cock after orgasm, especially during post orgasm torture. Go to work right after orgasm, don't let the cock sit for any amount of time. The harder the cock, the more full the head is, the more sensation it will feel. Cock rings or cock bondage can slow a falling erection (set that up before orgasm), but all you really need is to grab the cock shaft near the base, pull the skin tight, and squeeze. This will can slow and sometimes even stop the blood from leaving the erection. I suggest using your non-dominant hand for this, so your dominant hand is free to do the dirty work.

The ironic part of post orgasm torture is that the more pleasurable an action would normally be before orgasm, the more painful it will be afterwards. Lubrication increases sensation, so a good tip for post orgasm torture is to use lots of lube. Cum will act as a lubricant, but I suggest having a bottle of lube near by and making sure he is lubed up good before orgasm. Secondly, the more constant contact you are making with the glans, the better the reaction you will get. Thirdly, don't hold back! This is entirely harmless fun. The reactions you get may be over the top and uncontrollable on behalf of your pet, but again, compare this to tickling. This is actually one of the safer "torture" acts found in kink.

The most common method for this is to just stroke up and down quickly over the head of the cock. Squeezing as you go increases contact and sensation. An easier method, and one that also tends to give better results, is palming. It's pretty simple, close your palm over the flat of the penis head. Run your palm in circles back and forth over the glans, rubbing the tip, the flat, and the rim all at once. If your hand is small enough you can even let your fingertips brush the sensitive spots on the under side of the cock head, but focus your pressure primarily on the flat. You can also do this method in reverse, focusing on the underside of the cock, but for some reason it seems to get less of a reaction. Any hand job technique will work to some degree, and everyone is different. See what makes your toy jump the most and repeat that, or try to find new ways to solicit such reactions. Just have fun with it. You could even make a game out of finding what gets the biggest reaction from your sub.

The best thing about post orgasm torture, as I've mentioned before, is that what you are doing would normally be extremely pleasurable. This is part of the fetish for those who are into it - forcing someone to endure something that they would normally find enjoyable, and for those on the other side, being forced to endure such things. If you want to play off of this element of the fetish you can tell your sub thing such as, "But this is what you like!" Or, "If you don't like this then why did it make you come?" The "you like this" angle is fun. Depending on the sub, you could even use post orgasm torture as a punishment, perhaps for coming too soon, or as part of a game. "I'm going to play with you for X minutes, if you don't come you lose your orgasm for tonight, but if you do come I won't stop until the time is up."


  1. i love this article and this blog. i get so horny every time i read this. i dream every day that a woman do this to me. do you now somebody who do this cind of stuff to a sub mail? :)

  2. OMG- I want this done to me sooooo bad! WOW!

  3. It is pure torture but so nice; wish it could go on for hours as the pleasure is intense with such nerve endings being manipulated with soft hands. Being tied to a rack or to the bed posts is also torture.

  4. This is both fun and torture for me, the sub. Occasionally my wife and I play with bondage, me being tied to the bed frame, she on top. And occasionally she continues stroking me after I come. All the descriptions in this article are exactly right about the flailing of arms, jerky motion etc. And I don't want her to do it, and I don't want her to stop, both at the same time.
    Thanks for you blog.

  5. exquisite, especially when gagged and then given a prolonged tickle torture,

  6. My wife does this to me all the time. I get tied spread eagle to the bed (hooded and gagged) and then she tortures the glans of my penis by rubbing it continuously with lube. I can't orgasm either how she does it, so I have to endure it until she thinks I have had enough and finally orgasms me. It may be a few hours before she lets that happen ;-)
    The feeling of being tied down and totally helpless against the continuous and unrelenting penis "torture" is mind blowing.

    1. I love this done and wish I could find myself someone like your wife......
      Constant edging and rubbing of the Glans is exquisite torture....

  7. Been looking for a nice girl to admin that to me in Hant uk for ages. Am a good looking guy but not easy to find someone with NSA also.
    Anyone in the area willing to have a go?

  8. You may want to consider using and adjustable erection ring as seen here:

    Simple slide this tubing down to the base of the cock pull it snug, but not tight and as soon as the slave/submissive has orgasmed, pull the ring VERY tight to keep the cock fully erect as you begin a prolongs session of post orgasm torture on the head of his cock!

  9. This is the most exquisite torture imaginable. Tying me up tightly is a must and my mistress usually ties a rope around the base on my cock to keep it hard and uses lots of lube as suggested. She will jerk me off continually and stop sometimes so I think the torture has ended only to resume the torture. Often she gets on top and fucks me until she cums.
    When she's done I have no idea how long it has lasted as I am lost somewhere in the twilight zone. I will say I feel completely spent after these sessions and know deep inside my mistress loves me.

  10. This seems like the best. wonder if there is a good dom experienced in this in Cape Town or Johannesburg for me to submit to?

  11. It's been so long since I've had something like this done to me. I miss it so bad

  12. I am very unlucky in regards to this. I have never been able to even touch the glans DURING orgasm, and trying post-orgasm torture with my wife, I passed out it was so intense; imagine an orgasm times 10,000. I do have the innate ability to recover from glans sensitivity and orgasm within 5-15 minutes of my last one--for about 3-4, anyway.

  13. Have any males tried, with success, to do this to themself?