Friday, May 4, 2012

Cock and Ball Bondage

Cock and ball bondage is often associated with cock and ball torture, but it's actually useful outside of CBT play. Simply put, it makes everything more sensitive. Quite a few tops will start most any session with a little cock and ball bondage. I like to do so myself; I'm particularly fond of ball bondage. It might be a little bit of work at first, but if you do it frequently it gets much easier, to the point where you can have a nicely tied up package in less than 30 seconds if you so desire. Also, as you gain confidence, you can have fun binding your pet's cock and balls in different ways or with different materials.

First of all, having a sub with shaved pubic hair always helps. Not only can you see what you're doing, but your pet's hair won't get stuck in your rope work. There's no good excuse for your sub not to shave or at least trim his pubic hair. If he doesn't agree, and you can't persuade him, you can always catch a few hairs on purpose and he will quickly change his mind. Smaller ropes can cut further into your sub, but are generally easier to tie than thicker ropes up to a point. A shoe lace is as small as I would recommend for safety, and is also great for beginners because of how easily you can tie them. You can usually find them at a dollar store, but using shoe laces from an old pair of shoes usually works just as well; your pet may actually find this more exciting if he has a foot fetish. If you want to play with a rougher material, or just like the appearance of larger ropes, you can find them at most any home improvement store. I suggest staying at or under a quarter inch rope to make sure you can still easily tie it. However, if you really want to go large, then go for it. The effect is always about the same, so the most important part is having fun. If a thicker rope looks like more fun, then go for it. And there's no need to limit yourself to rope. Rubber bands and other elastic ties such as hair ties work well as they give enough to allow some blood through even when doubled or tripled over. There's no limit to what you can use as long as you're having fun. If it turns out it's just not any fun for you, then the next most important thing would be doing it quickly.

You can bind either the cock, the balls, or both the cock and balls at once. The easiest thing to do is to bind the cock and balls together. You can just circle around everything and tie them up with a nice bow just like you would for your shoes. I prefer to bind the balls separately from the cock. Tugging on the balls is so much more fun and effective when it doesn't pull the cock along with them. I do this for some ball pulling fun during sex. However binding just the balls can be tricky as they are quick to slip away. It's even more tricky if you want to bind each one separately. If you want to accomplish this and are new to such play, or just prefer an easier approach, I suggest you start with one tight binding around both the cock and balls, and then work on securing just the balls. It's easier to tie them up when they can't easily get away. Once that's done you can undo the first binding around the cock and balls, and retie the cock separately if desired. Don't worry about not getting it right the first or second time, or the tenth time. As you work with the rope, binding the cock and balls, you are also providing your pet with some stimulation, he will most likely enjoy you experimenting and playing around with bondage. It's less stressful for you and your sub if you think of it as "playing around" when you're having trouble getting something to work.

Binding the cock causes blood to flow out of the cock slower, without hindering the incoming blood by as much, thus making it harder, fuller, and more erect. And needless to say, this is more fun for everyone. Skin that must be more flexible and elastic will often feel softer, but be less sensitive when bunched up. The cock is one such area that must be elastic, and thus, a fuller cock will feel more of your touch. As the skin is stretched out not only are more nerve endings reachable, but there is more area to be touched. There's also a quite noticeable mental effect on a sub when his cock is so fully engorged. It's more than just a subconscious boost in how horny he is, although I'm sure that's part of it. There's something palpable about the pet's desperation, his cravings. Something I can only describe as carnal.

Binding the balls not only traps the balls, but stretches the ball sack (scrotum). The scrotum can contract when cold, during exertion, and even when sexually excited; all of which can occur while playing with your sub. This contraction thickens up the skin and causes little wrinkles which in turn hide many nerve endings. (Technically, this is caused by the dartos fascia.) When you tie up a sub's balls you are also making the scrotum loosen up and expose all of those hidden nerve endings. A stretched scrotum can even be so sensitive as to be ticklish for some men. If you intend to try this, you may get better results with a less horny sub. Blindfolds tend to increase ticklishness as well. Perhaps make an experiment out of it, try it out before and after orgasm.

Normally, if you were to slap your sub's balls, the impact would cause them to move, maybe even swing away. Most of the energy is converted into motion and then slowly absorbed (relatively speaking) by soft tissues on the side opposite your impact. However, when balls are tied up, they have no where to go upon impact. They are trapped against the bindings themselves. While you're still likely see some movement, the balls feel most of the energy from the impact. The end result being that bound balls are more sensitive. Likewise, balls bound separately will be more sensitive than those bound together, although not by as much. Now this loss of energy happens even with normal fondling of the balls; you don't need a high speed impact for this reaction to occur. As such, bound balls are all around more sensitive, even when to comes just to your touch. It is slightly easier to damage them with an impact when tied, but ball binding is still often used with CBT because it takes less effort to cause an equal amount of pain. You can actually cause more pain with less chance of injury on a bound pair of balls. But if you start kicking or punching them like you could an unbound pair, you might injure them.

One thing everyone worries about is, how long can you go? As a general rule, just rebind your pet every 20 to 30 minutes or so to keep things circulating. You can safely stretch it to 45 minutes, but I try not to make it a habit since I can lose track of the time. Sometimes, and with certain people, you will notice a color change, but it's nothing to be worried about. Color changes or lack thereof do not indicate an urgency, or the lack of urgency. Color change is an acceptable side effect of increased blood pressure in an area. Some men's cocks will even change color just from an erection. What you should really be watching out for is a drop in temperature and swelling. If the area feels cold, then the blood flow that usually keeps the body warm has been hindered long enough for the area to lose it's warmth. This in itself isn't a problem, however the cold will usually coincide with numbness and a loss of sensation, which is the opposite of what we want. Sure, it might let him take more, but that's cheating! And anyway, why put more work into it then you have to? Don't let him go numb. The other thing I mentioned was swelling. Watch for the swelling of the soft tissue of the cock or the scrotum. This is called edema. You can check for it below and around a binding. The swelling doesn't mean some horrible damage has been done, and it should go down once circulation returns. But it does mean you should immediately get circulation back to the area to prevent damage, and it's probably a good idea to leave the area unbound for a bit. If this does happen, the next time you bind the area keep a close eye out, if you see any signs of swelling you haven't waited long enough.

There are several good reasons for cock and ball bondage even if you aren't interested in CBT. Obviously it will make things more enjoyable for your sub, but in all honesty, he probably has a lot of fun anyway. It can, however, also make things more fun for you. On top of that, it can make things easier as well. Sure it'll take some time for you to get comfortable with cock and ball bondage, but in the end it will take less effort to get your pet all worked up. Once bound you will find you get better results for the same amount of effort. A harder, more erect, and more sensitive sub will reach his tipping, or breaking point quicker. Which brings up another good reason, to simply speed things along. Binding your sub's cock and balls will make an otherwise less fulfilling orgasm more intense. I hate to sound lazy, but this is a good thing to learn if you want satisfy your pet more easily.