Friday, August 24, 2012

Countdown to Orgasm

Through conditioning and training some women claim they can orgasm on command. This to me seems entirely impossible. I'm not going to outright call anyone who claims this a liar, but if it's true that's a pretty big evolutionary misstep. I think if it were possible there'd also be men who could, just out of the blue, ejaculate on command. And there'd be videos of it.

That's not to say we have entirely no conscious control over our orgasms. One trick some tops like to teach their subs is the countdown trick. You count from 10 down to 0, and when you hit 0 your sub comes. It almost sounds like a simple trick, but perfecting it takes some work. Nonetheless, it's a fun trick, and useful in many situations. It's also not magic; your pet is being fully stimulated during the countdown. What this gives you is an easy way to stop before your sub comes, but only after bring him to the very, very edge in the process.

I'll explain how to go about training your pet to do this neat trick. Keep in mind some guys just can't do this. I don't know if it's a mental block, something physical, lack of will power, or just some random genetic trait. Nonetheless, it seems most men can learn this, especially the easier versions of it. Don't feel bad if you just can't get it down, but don't be too quick to give up either. It can take a lot of practice.

First, for this trick to work, your sub needs to be sufficiently aroused. I suggest edging for a little bit before attempting the trick. Like I said before, there's no magic involved here. This is simply a form of control your pet can learn. While part of this is speeding up the path to orgasm, the majority of it is holding back. If your pet can't tell when he gets close to the edge, and often goes over on accident, then, likely, this trick isn't for him.

Also, when counting down, always go at a steady pace. You could watch the ticking of a clock to steady your countdown, but you should be fine keeping a constant speed in your mind. If you are varying the time between numbers too much, it will be difficult for your sub to learn this form of control. Don't play games with the speed of your countdown. Also, if it seems that 10 seconds is too long or too short for your sub, then try adjusting the length of the count down.

There are three stages to teaching your pet this trick. Since orgasms are required for this trick, you will have to teach your sub this over a period of time. Upon reaching the first stage, your sub will masturbate and when you hit 0, he will orgasm. To be more specific, cum will physically come out of his cock when you hit 0. Some people skip this stage, but I find it makes things a lot easier on both you and your sub. And if your pet can't pull this off, then you know the other two stages are likely unreachable.

To train your sub to do the first stage of this trick, after edging for a bit, simply have your sub masturbate as you count down. Start at 10 and work your way to 0. You sub is allowed to call you off at any point in the countdown, but is not allowed to stop masturbating or even slow down unless he has done so. You sub can call off your countdown either because he is too close already, or because he knows he won't be able to come at 0. Simply wait 10 to 30 seconds and start again. Internally he'll have to learn how much time he needs for hitting the point of no return and actual ejaculate spewing out of his dick. This tends to be about 2 seconds but varies from person to person. Once your pet feels he has this stage of the trick down, do a simple test. Tease him or have him tease himself until he thinks he's ready, then begin your countdown to 0 and don't allow him to stop masturbating or interrupt your countdown. You can visually see when your sub is able to perform stage one of the trick.

In the second stage of the trick you are the one stimulating your sub during the countdown. For you, this will be very similar to the first stage, but for your pet it will be a lot more difficult. Despite not being allowed to slow down, your pet has probably be varying the speed at which he has been masturbating, or varying the pressure or grip to achieve the same effect. Again, allow your sub to call off your countdown at any point. As with the previous stage, the same simple test can be used to confirm your pet has learned this stage of the trick.

To learn the third and final stage of the trick, your sub will have to make some sacrifices to his orgasm satisfaction. This time, when you hit 0 on your countdown, your sub will be hitting the point of no return. This isn't any easier than the previous two steps because your sub has probably learned how to adjust the time between reaching the point of no return, and the point of cum erupting from his cock. So this is more than just unlearning the extra second or two for ejaculation. This requires even more control and is the least enjoyable stage for your pet to learn. When he's done it properly, he has a completely ruined orgasm.

This trick is harder to verify because your pet could hit the point of no return at 1, and even after stimulation stops at 0, come as if 0 were the point of no return. Once your pet thinks he has mastered the trick, you have to perform a test which is essentially a teasing and denial session that ends in a ruined orgasm. Again, once your pet thinks he is ready, you begin counting down to 0, but you don't go all the way. When you get to 2, you stop. Tell him to let you know when it's OK to start again. This cool down time is also something he will have to learn, but don't let him go too long (more than 30 seconds) unless has failed this test a couple times due to not being ready. You need to repeat this at least 3 or 4 times stopping near the end of your countdown, but not at 0. It's important that you stop at 1 at least once, but multiple times is probably better. This makes sure he's not hitting the point of no return too early. I suggest stopping at 4, 3, 2, and 1, but not necessarily in that order.

Your sub may be failing the tests at this last stage of training to receive a more full orgasm. Even if you don't think he would do that, he may be doing it on a subconscious level. I hate to sound heartless, but if you feel your sub's cock contracting or you otherwise think he may have hit the point of no return before you counted down to 0, stop stimulation immediately. This will either result in a false alarm, which means you can then continue the test; you're suppose to stop at random points along the way anyway. Or it will result in a ruined orgasm for your sub. Ruined orgasms aren't very fun but it's a sacrifice your pet will have to make to learn this trick and prove to you he is able to perform it.

Once your pet has this down you can use this trick to better tease your pet. You can be certain he is at the very edge when you are edging him. This lets you know for certain your pet is really being brought to the edge. You will have to ruin an orgasm now and again to make sure he's staying honest about 0 being the point of no return, but the majority of the time you use this trick you can simply keep going after hitting 0. I suggest that the penalty for not being honest about 0 is a ruined orgasm (as not to encourage this as a way to avoid a ruined orgasm), followed by a reasonable amount of time with no orgasm at all.